MSc/ Masters Award

MSc International Study Award
The Tropical Agriculture Association Award Fund (TAAF) is now inviting applications from MSc students in natural resource subjects in selected universities, for awards of up to £1,000 to enable them to undertake overseas studies and assignments (minimum duration 8 weeks) relevant to their on-going studies. Click on 'Call for Applications: Master's Award in the box on the right to view procedures.
Applicant qualifications
Applicants are normally required to be UK citizens or long term residents of the UK, to hold a first degree in a natural resources-related discipline, to have a serious interest in international development and to be under 30 years of age.

Eligible Universities

Bangor, University of Wales
Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester
University of East Anglia
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
Imperial College, London
University of Manchester
Newcastle University
University of Oxford
University of Reading
University of Sheffield
University of Sussex
School of Oriental and African Studies, London
University College London
University of Cambridge
Other universities which offer relevant courses may also submit applications
Selection criteria
University Departments which offer MSc courses in natural resources-related subjects relevant to overseas development are being invited to put forward suitable candidates for these awards. A maximum of five applicants, shortlisted by department heads, will be considered from each university.

Priority will be given to strong applicants with well prepared proposals relevant to the needs of the local population, to the student's course of study, and with a commitment to working in the long term in international development.

Endorsement of applicants by the Head of Department and confirmation by the overseas host institution of willingness to receive the student are  essential requirements.

Awards available

For the current academic year the number of awards available is expected to be at least 10 (not more than 3 from any one university). Depending on demand this number may increase in future years.

Application Procedures

Click here for the application procedure and Click here for the application form. Applications and referee's comments should be sent by e-mail to the TAAF (with copy to the TAAF Chair to arrive by no later than 31 March. The TAAF committee expects to announce awards by 30th April.

Click here for the application procedure 

Note: The offer of a two month TAAF award does not exclude awardees from putting in future applications for a six-month award. 

Guidelines for Reporting Procedures

Click here for the template for final reporting to be e-mailed to: TAAF copy to the TAAF Chair 

Gemma Holloway in Uganda