Reports: Specialist Groups

This page provides space for reports and news of events held by Specialist Groups.

The papers have not necessarily been peer-group edited.

Agribusiness Group
World Bank Agribusiness reports, 2015

Grahame Dixie,TAA member and Agribusiness Adviser at the World Bank has kindly provided links to some reports that may be of interest to TAA members

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Meeting at TAA Curry Club Event of the London and SE Group, 7th Nov 2014

Introduction by Roger Cozens on the activities of the Agribusiness Group, centred on the monthly "first Thursday" Talking Shops.

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Christmas Lunch, December 2012.

Report by Jim Turnbull on the 16th Belmont Management Consultants (BMC) Christmas Lunch was held on 18th December at the Leathern Bottle in Lewknor, Oxfordshire. Thirty two attended including some who were investors in the Food Development Company (FDC) and many were members of the TAA Agribusiness Specialist Group.

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Environmental Conservation Group
Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) Symposium 2013

The 14th Annual Symposium, held at the Judge Business School in Cambridge on 10th January, was a great success. Presentations covered a wide range of subjects from ecosystem services, progress on the Convention on Bio-Diversity, conservation and mining in Madagascar, marine conservation, business leadership, climate change and conservation agriculture. The latter was presented by Brian Sims of TAA under the title 'Conservation Agriculture for smallholder farmers in developing countries' and generated a lot of interest from participants. Lively interactive sessions discussed future activities for the CCF and enabled people to get to know each other. TAA members involved, apart from Brian Sims, included Toby Gardner who chaired the opening session and Keith Virgo who was a facilitator at an interactive session. Also present was Garry Robertson and Brian's wife Veronica but Lin Blunt unfortunately could not attend due to illness. The event raised the profile of TAA and also established links with individuals who expressed interest in participating in future TAA events. The next Annual Symposium is set for January 9th 2014

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National Parks with Benefits

How Protecting the Planet's Biodiversity Also Provides Ecosystem Services. By Nigel Dudley, Liza Higgins-Zogib, Marc Hockings, Kathy MacKinnon, Trevor Sandwith, Sue Stolton

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Land Husbandry Group
Visit to Tony Reynold's no-till farm; June 2015

Visits to see progress of no-till Conservation Agriculture at Thurlby Grange Home Farm have become regular, and keenly anticipated, events for TAA members and others, organised by the TAA?s Land Husbandry Group.

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A Decade of Conservation Agriculture, Farm Walk at Thurlby Grange Farm, Bourne, Lincolnshire

On Saturday 29 March 2014 some 25 TAA members and followers met at Tony Reynolds farm where no-till has been the regime since 2003. In addition to the farm visit, there was a presentation on conservation agriculture (CA) from Bill Crabtree, a wheat farmer from Perth, Western Australia.

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No-till Farming in Lincolnshire

Visit to No-till Farm, East Anglia. June 4th 2011, organised by the Land Husbandry Group, TAA, and kindly hosted by Tony Reynolds, Thurlby Grange Farm, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs. Read the report on the visit by Brian G Sims and Jim Ellis-Jones

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