UGG autumn series of new products Ugg Boots Outlet from mid-July 2015, the sale price had already entered the lineup, consumers in mainland China can be the first experience in other parts of the world to this new price advantage. Featured core style UGG whole category of product line is the focus of price adjustment, and will continue as always, the high-end luxury brand positioning, allow consumers to enjoy quality brand consistent.
1. UGG whether recent price adjustment in the Chinese market?
We chose the entry-level product line UGG price adjustment, Uggs Black Friday Sale reduce the gap between global prices, expect more Chinese consumers can enjoy high-quality products from the same brand UGG comfort and luxury shopping experience, feel irreplaceable.
2. Why did you choose to adjust prices in the Chinese market?
We decide the price adjustments, the core factor is the interests of consumers. We hope that through much consumers love the product price adjustment, so Chinese consumers to enjoy more preferential prices.
3. How does the intensity of the price adjustment?
Depending on the product price adjustment efforts Ugg Boots Outlet may be, we will continue to adhere to global indifference to consumers of luxury comfort. For the price range of products, consumers can enjoy better prices unchanged quality, feel irreplaceable. Are 4.UGG official sales channels will be synchronized electric provider price?
UGG official electricity supplier sales channels (UGG Chinese official website, Lynx Mall and Jingdong Mall official flagship store official flagship store) the price adjustment will be synchronized with the line store (except for the special online promotion and online sales of goods specified) to to ensure that all consumers in any of our authorized sales channels, can enjoy the same by the UGG brand brings reliable, warm, irreplaceable shopping experience.
5. Will the same period in other overseas markets were price increases, such as the United States or Europe?
Currently only price adjustment for the mainland, and is worth Uggs Black Friday Sale reiterating that the core starting point for the price adjustment is the price gap narrowing global, non-discriminatory global luxury comfort for Chinese consumers feel irreplaceable.
6. The participation of the price adjustments of the products are much? Why did you choose these products?
We chose a total of 215 entry-product (covering the whole category of products) to participate in the price. We choose are in mainland China's most popular products. 7. Other series will also future price adjustment it?
We have not yet received the relevant information, but Ugg Boots Outlet the UGG brand will always be consumer-centric, continuing to provide the best quality service and product brand, feel irreplaceable.
8. The price adjustment is a long-term strategy or just for the quarterly adjustment?
The price adjustment is repeated after the UGG brand carefully consider the level of decision making in the business strategy.
9. Does the price adjustment will affect the quality of Ugg Boots Outlet products, such as the quality of raw materials and so on?
This commitment to product quality we will not have any change. UGG consistently adhere to choose the best quality wool leather and craftsmanship, offer luxurious comfort iconic brand for all consumers.
UGG currently adhere to the same strict standards in the selection of the best global wool skin material. UGG initial raw materials are all wool skin from Australia, but in recent years, we will expand the selection of wool skin to Spain, Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom, and Australia is also executed in these countries is extremely demanding and reliable animal protection policy. It has never changed.
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